Do’s And Don’ts For The First Date

Do’s And Don'ts Of Dating

No matter what your age is, dating is fun. The charm of dating never seems to fade away and every date seems like a massive event to prepare for. Here are some dos’ and don’ts for the first date which are tried and tested to bring out the best in you.


Be a good listener

It is easy to yap away all evening and talk about yourself, however, it is not as easy to be a good listener. Be attentive to what your date is saying and try to be a good listener. Look into his eyes when he speaks. It will tell you a lot about his attitude and personality. Absorb what he is saying. For all you know he might be trying to give you subtle hints about something which you may never pick up if you behave in a self-centered way. There is another big advantage – He will be bowled over when you still remember a small detail from a conversation made 3-4 days back. Now, that is impressive!

Be comfortable

There is nothing more annoying than wearing a dress that gets in the way of your walk, or shoes that hurt, or a dress that keeps slipping off, or a wardrobe malfunction! If you try to pull off an attire which you are not comfortable wearing, your date will spot it immediately. However hard you try, you cannot hide distress or the feeling of being uncomfortable. So put on clothes that are comfortable. It may even be your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a plain white shirt. Believe me, if you are comfortable in them, your oomph factor will be 10 times more than wearing a skimpy and tight dress that you may not be as comfortable in.

Be yourself

You are probably going to read this and go “This is true for anything else in life”. Let me tell you, it is easier said than done. It is very easy to not be your own self while on a date. Sometimes we try so hard to impress, we fail to highlight our own true nature. So make a deliberate effort to put forward your personality on a plate for your date to see. There is no point behaving differently than usual, or being a person you are not.

Groom yourself

You can be a little more watchful of a few little things that may put him off. Imagine the time when you are wearing a sexy, floral dress and sitting in the cafe on a sunny afternoon. Your date looks into your beautiful eyes, then at your pretty dress, then at your silky smooth legs, then at your color splashed slippers, then at your cracked feet. STOP! Cracked skin on the heels? Suddenly, what seemed like a picture perfect moment has come crashing downhill. So look after these little things – trimmed brows, hair at unwanted places on the face, nicely cut nails, too many split ends, etc. You don’t need to go over the top – just be well groomed!


Smiles can make or break a date. Even a boring conversation will become animated with a big smile. A smile is beautiful, sexy, and inviting. It puts the other person at ease and it oozes warmth. Use it to your advantage!

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