Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

As common folks, we tend to believe that positive thinking does yield positive results. It’s more of an individual belief than an accepted truth. It is one thing for common people to believe in something. It is entirely different thing for the scientific community to accept it.

The question, does positive thinking get positive results, has become one of the most debated questions in recent times. A consensus has not yet been reached even among elite scientists and doctors. Some say it does. Some others say it does not, and accuse others of lazily using this to explain something that they cannot explain through proper scientific means.

Problems in Generalization

You cannot provide a generalized answer to the question does, positive thinking get positive results. One thing definite is this – positive thinking does not provide positive results in all cases. In some cases, it might help. For example, if you are facing an interview, positive thinking makes you more confident and prepares you to provide the right answers.
Suppose a person is inside an aircraft that has lost both the wings. No amount of positive thinking is going to help that person. In short, it is better to answer this question based on specific examples.

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