Do Dads also Get Postpartum Depression Too?

Do Dads also Get Postpartum Depression Too

It has long been believed that new mothers suffer from postpartum depression because they cannot cope with the sudden changes that the baby brings into her life, emotionally, physically and financially. A baby completely turns your life and if you do not have the proper support system like an extended family or elders to guide you and take care of the new born, you will be swamped with way too many things to do and stuff to take care of. Since most of the studies and treatment have been focusing on the women, the men, the new fathers have long been ignored. But recent cases of men suffering from depression after having a baby has alarmed health practitioners and they are usually in for a shock as they do not know how to deal with it. Although many ignore it, the truth is that men do suffer from postpartum depression too. Listed here are some symptoms of postpartum depression in dads.

1. Chaotic lifestyle

The first few months with a new baby in the house can be quite chaotic. The man will soon find out that nothing goes according to plan or the routine and he has to constantly keep making changes and accommodating the baby’s needs into his life. With all the talk these days about father’s getting more involved in the upbringing, he is just under more pressure to deliver. And since this is away from the traditional role that fathers have played so far, he is at a complete loss and goes into depression figuring out what to do.

2. Sleeplessness

It is highly impossible for the new mother to stay awake the whole day and the night. It is also not easy for her to change her sleeping habits to that of the baby. The new dad too wakes up in the night when the baby cries and this leads to insomnia. Lack of sleep and the constant worry about the baby’s health forces him into depression.

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