7 DIY Gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day

DIY Gifts Ideas for Mother's Day

It is always difficult to choose something or buy something for your mother. No matter how many people we meet over the course of our lives, our mothers will always be the most special and most important person in our lives. Even if there are many wonderful things out there that you can buy or send her, nothing will please her more than gifting her something that you have made yourself. Being a mother she will never think that you are a cheapo or that you are scrimping on money when it comes to gifting her. She will always cherish your gift no matter how ugly or bad your gift looks. She will appreciate you for the time and effort and love that you put into the gift. Here are some Do It Yourself gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

1. A photo album

One has to admit it is a little cliché, but it never goes out of style. Make a handmade album and collect all the photos you can of your mother. Do a little research, find out where she went to school and try to get old photos of her. Also see if you can talk to her siblings and friends to get some photos from her past. She will really appreciate this gift more than anything.

2. A Brooch

Get yourself into a craft store and buy some colorful beads. Pick all her favorites and try to fashion a brooch out of it. A brooch is one of those timeless accessories and your mom will sure be thrilled to have one that is made by you. Do not let your imagination run riot though. The more wearable it is the better.

3. A quilt

A quilt can be so many things. It is not only a comforter, but it can also be a weave of your life spent together. Take patches from clothes or other things that mean something to your mother and to you and make a quilt out of it. Every time your mother uses it or sees it, she will know how much you love her.

4. A flower vase

Instead of giving her flowers that would wilt away soon, you can gift your mother a homemade vase. You can make a vase out of practically anything. Put your creativity to good use and you can even use her favorite wine bottle to fashion a vase.

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