6 Disadvantages of Working from Home

6 Disadvantages of Working from Home

Working from home has many perks. How relaxing it is when you just curl up in your pajamas, take occasional breaks watching your favorite TV show, enjoy some light moments with your family, while finishing work. But everything has its pros and cons. Here are 6 disadvantages of working from home.

1. You face constant distraction

You may not feel distracted by your coworkers or occasional office jokes. But at home you encounter interruption from children, household chores, neighbors dropping in or if your favorite TV show is on. Chances are that your work productivity and attention towards the task will suffer.

2. You tend to feel lonely

Being in the company of your superiors and coworkers lends a healthy work environment. There is the scope to develop professional rapport and engage in simple conversations at the lunch table. This environment gives you the chance to socialize and also better your work skills.

3. You may procrastinate

Constant distraction at home results in series of interruptions. It affects your link and flow of thought. This may lead to procrastination. As a result, you are not able to focus on one task at a time and find yourself working till late at night. On the other hand, in your workplace you need to finish your work within a stipulated period of time.

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