Did You Know These Facts About Denim?

Do You Know These Facts About Denim?

Whether it is shorts, skirts or jeans, we already know that we practically live in denims. We cannot think of our lives without them and the loyalty comes naturally. But do you really know where did denims originate from or how they became so popular? Check out some interesting facts about denims and enrich your knowledge about your favorite fabric.

1. Denim was actually derived from the French term ‘serge de nimes’ which was shortened to ‘denim’ to suit the American taste. May 20th is celebrated as the birthday of blue jeans as that was the day when it was patented by Levi Strauss.

2. The original inventor of denims in America was Levi Strauss and these jeans were used by workers because of its rugged nature and durability. Metal rivets were used to hold these jeans together so that the pockets were in place and they could be used for long. Today Levis is one of the most renowned brands across the world.

3. In Genoa, Italian sailors used to wear cotton trousers and the French called the people of Genoa ‘Genes’ and this is how the word ‘jeans’ came into existence.

4. One bale of cotton can be used to produce 225 pairs of denim jeans.

5. In 1936, a red flag was sewed next to the back pocket by Levi Strauss and that was when the first label was ever attached to a piece of a garment.

6. In the early 1960’s, denim was banned by many schools in the U.S as it had become an icon of teen rebellion.

7. During the earlier days, denims were associated with any profession that required hard work like mining, farming, working at railroads and even teaching.

8. Statistics reveal that about 2.5 billion yards of denim is produced every year all around the world. The biggest players in supplying today are Arvin, Tarvex, Santista and Cone Mills.

9. An indigo dye is used to give denim its actual blue color. ‘Waist overalls’ or ‘overalls’ were the terms used for denims before 1960 till it was changed to ‘jeans’ which is widely used now.

10. About 450 million jeans are sold in U.S.A alone each year. On an average, every American owns at least about 7 pairs of jeans.

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