5 Delicious Ways to Eat More Fruit this Christmas

5 Delicious Ways to Eat More Fruit this Christmas

Fruits are always a good thing to add in our daily diet. It is also good to stick to seasonal fruits as they are fresh and we can be sure that they have not been stored for long and good to eat. The best thing about fruits is that they can be eaten as your regular meal; they can be turned into healthy snacks and also be added to our desserts to make them tastier. With all the high calorie stuff we eat during the holiday season, we would take it a little easy on the fruits. To avoid this, we can find new and delicious ways of eating fruits over the holidays. Here are some ways we can add fruit to our diet during Christmas.

1. Fruit Sundae

You can put almost all the fruits you have in this dessert. Cut them into small pieces, put it in an ice cream cup or bowl and add ice cream to it to make a wonderfully delicious sundae. This is also great to look at and will make your dinner table truly colorful.

2. Fruit punch

If you and your guests do not like to eat fruits as a whole, then you can make a fruit punch and put it on the table on Christmas and people would keep drinking it over the course of their conversation. This is a healthy and delicious way of including fruit on Christmas day.

3. Pastries with fruits

You can bake cakes, make cookies and make other tasty pastries with fruits. You can add fruit to the batter that you would be baking or add fruits as topping to the treat you have just baked. Either ways, It is a delicious way of having fruit on the menu for this Christmas.

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