Curtain Color – How To Choose It?

How Do I Choose Colors Of Curtains?

I always say that the style and color of your curtains can make or break the look of your room. Have you hit a road block in deciding which color to pick? It is very difficult to visualize the post-curtain effect in a room. Here are some top tips that you can use to add that spark within the four walls of your room.

Patterned Curtains

Do you like earthy tones? Have you kept it simple and have just one color to all the walls in your home? If you have, or if you are a fan of plain soft-beige walls throughout, this is a fab idea – just for you! Single-tone walls don’t need to be mundane. I suggest adding life to your rooms by using patterned curtains. I love long stripes and solid colors. I suggest dominant colors which shout depth – like dark orange, brown and yellow striped curtain used along with a background of earthy light brown walls. Are you creative? Add your own touch by using other geometric patterns and colors on the curtains.

Go BOLD with Colored Curtains

Do you have a minimalistic look to your home? If you want something extraordinary, team bright bold curtains with plain single toned walls. I’ll tell you about a recent visit to my friend’s place who is an architect. She has all the walls in her house white. No other color! Each room has different colored curtains – bold, and I mean really bold colors. The lounge room was picture perfect. Dark wooden furniture, white walls, down-lights, and a deep shade of maroon on the curtains. They shouted style and charisma! So if you want to make a statement, go bold.

Warm shades of curtains add life

Do you love spring? Do you get weak knees at the thought of a bright sunny day in the woods? Are you a country girl? Warm shades of red, yellows, and orange will add life to your rooms. Note the use – ‘warm shades’. I’d go one step further and suggest that you use translucent material. When light seeps through these warm shades, you’ll be in the perfect relaxed mood for a nice glass of red wine. Be rest assured, these won’t let you down in winter either as the warm colors will complement a fireplace well. Forget strategically placed lighting, forget decorations, forget artificial stuff – warm tones on curtains will decorate your rooms naturally and will ooze love and care.

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