7 Cool Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cool Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

How many times would you have fallen in love with a beautiful, clean, spacious and well organized kitchen? Well, the warmth of every home begins with soulful food and your kitchen is perhaps where the love story starts. But there is one glitch. In the pursuit of experimenting and trying, kitchens sometimes get awfully messy. And then, surprisingly, the love for this corner takes a nosedive. So, here are some cool ways to keep your kitchen clean.

1. Create sections in the kitchen

This will take a whole lot of load from your head. Divide your kitchen into distinct sections like cabinets where you can keep your glassware and china, countertops for appliances and space for preparing food, pantry to stock groceries and non-perishable food, refrigerator area, under the sink for cleaning supplies and under countertops for pots and pans. This way, you’ll know the most frequently used sections and leave the others relatively more untouched and cleaner.

2. Wipe your kitchen the right way

Wiping the kitchen area can really differentiate between a clean and a seemingly clean kitchen. Make sure you have some dish soap and a damp cloth to start off with. Wipe the sections with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth, so the surfaces look and feel sparkling clean.

3. Discard unused things

“To throw or not to throw”, that definitely is one question that lurks in everyone’s mind. People usually stack away items that may probably come of use after some time. But if your kitchen has things that you haven’t used in the longest time, chances are you aren’t going to use them in the near future as well. Discard them. Check for expiry dates periodically and throw away foods that have expired even if you haven’t used them. Ideally, buy only what you need so you don’t have to go through the ritual of throwing groceries. Appliances that are hardly or rarely used can be sold on sites like eBay.

4. Stop using packets

You may be buying bulk items like pasta, beans, rice or cereals in packs. But transfer them to neat and safe plastic containers. They look organized, neat and save you on a lot of space. But more importantly, they keep your kitchen clean.

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