11 Christmas Party Game Ideas

11 Christmas Party Game Ideas

Finally that season of the year is back which we have all been waiting for- ITS CHRISTMAS!
“The Xmas tree is set,
The crib is kept.
The candles are lit,
On the outside, the snow sits.
The carols everybody is chanting, even praises.
Everyone is welcoming baby Jesus.
Christmas is finally here,
So let’s join in the cheer!”

Christmas calls for celebration. Celebrations call for parties. And parties are incomplete without games. Irrespective of whether you are celebrating a Christmas party with your family, friends or an office party with your colleagues, games are a must! Here are some games that party goes can indulge in during Christmas to add to the enthusiasm and fun of the season.

1. Candle Decorating Competition

For this game each participant is provided with a plain candle and some decoration. They have to use the decorating in the most innovative way possible to decorate the candle. The best looking candle wins!

2. Stock the Christmas stocking

First get yourself divided into teams with equal members in each team. Make the teams stand at a distance from each other in strategic places. Now each team will have a Christmas stocking hung near them. Each participant should be then provided with a table spoon. There should be a bag full of candy given to each group. The task will be that when the music starts all the participants have to take the candy with the spoon, using only the spoon, and drop it off at their competitor teams’ hanging stocking. The team who’s stocking in full first, is out. Using ones hands to pick candy is also not allowed. At the end of the game the team that lasts will the least about of candy filled in their stocking wins all the candy collected. The trick here is to get all the other teams out before you.

3. Christmas gift wrapping completion

Here each participant is provided with gift wrapping paper, ribbons, a pair of scissors and a gift. When the music starts, the participant has to start wrapping their gift in the most creative way possible in the least possible time.

4. Compete the word:

The party can be divided into groups. Each group must be given a set of jumbled words. The words could be like Christmas jumbled as ASRMHISCT or Poinsettia arranged as AIETIOPNTS. Use Christmas Words to stick to the theme. Each team that unscrambles the most number of words in the least possible time wins.

5. Guess the Christmas Character

Pictures of the shadow of a Christmas character like Santa claus, The Christmas Elf and so on should be provided. The picture must not have any colour. The participants will have to guess which Christmas Character it is. As each character is guessed, the participant moves to the next stage which gets tougher. Later other Christmas characters like the reindeer, the donkey that carried Mother Mary in labor to the stable can be provided.

6. Christmas Fashion Show

This game is simple but will generate a lot of fun. For this game all the participants will have to dress up like different Christmas Characters and walk the ramp. The best dressed character wins!

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