6 Christmas Party Food Ideas for Kids

6 Christmas Party Food Ideas for Kids

Christmas is synonymous with laughter, love fun and good food. There are parties everywhere and people and families gather together to celebrate the holiday in a lively fashion. A party will have people from all age groups from diverse backgrounds. While it is easy to cook for adults as you more or less know and can find out what they want and what they cannot eat, it is not so easy with the kids. The food not only has o taste good for the kids, but they also have to look interesting. And if you want to keep the kids occupies during the Christmas party you can involve them in the preparation of the food, especially when you are making desserts. It will not only keep them occupied but also let their creativity flow. Here are a few Christmas party food ideas for the kids.

1. Christmas Sundaes

All you need s a big bowl of vanilla ice cream, few edible colors and a lot of colorful toppings. You can give the kids the ice cream cups or bowls and let them make the sundaes with whatever they have got. They will make the sundae to their liking and will also remain occupied for some time with this food.

2. Gingerbread men

Kids will never tire of gingerbread men and especially at this time of the year, these will their most favorite thing to have. They can do the little chores as you bake the cute little men. You can also add a lot more designs on the men than the usual eyes, nose and a mouth. More the colors, merrier the men look.

3. Seasonal cupcakes

Cupcakes are so easy to make. But add a little twist to your usual cupcakes by going festive during Christmas. You can make a different figure or shape on top of the cupcake and give it a very Christmassy look and feel.

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