5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Christmas is round the corner. You may be worried thinking how to adorn your small space for the celebration, where to place the Xmas tree, the lighting, the ornament. The space crunch in your house is not allowing you to plan properly for the big day, is it? Don’t worry, here is a way out. Check out 5 Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces.

1. Place the Xmas tree on a table

Christmas tree is the most important decoration during Christmas in every household. So, what if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a tree inside your condo or apartment? Let us start with the table top tree. Place a table top tree on a table near the entrance or bottom of your stairs or in your living room. Decorate the tree with ornaments and lights. If it is not possible to house a Christmas tree, look for lighter options. You can have tree branches in a small, cute vase or on window sills. If it is possible to have a larger branch, you can even try some ornaments on the tree. Be a little creative and hang a garland around the mirror or doorway. You can even consider a chandelier, on top of which a little bit of greenery can be added.

2. Hang Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments like baubles, balls or trims are inevitable part of the celebration. One good way of hanging them is from the chandeliers. If you do not have chandeliers, hang it from the ceiling. It not only catches the eye but makes the room appear larger than it is. You can also hang ornaments using strips of ribbon on the wall space.

3. Add glitz with dinnerware

You can add some glitter to your Xmas celebration by keeping gold and silver dinnerware and stemware on the table. To add some more pomp, use a large glass bowl full of ornaments as a centerpiece. The shining wares will help you add more grace to the celebration and forget the space crunch woes.

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