Celebrities Who Posed for PETA

Celebrities Who Posed for PETA

PETA, abbreviated for, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, has garnered massive celebrity support from all over the world. Celebrities and stars have overwhelmingly supported the cause and promotional campaigns of PETA. They have actively participated in its media exercises and many celebrities have gone to the extent of posing in their birthday suits so that the promotional efforts receive global attention and also to raise voice against cruelty to animals. The main motto of these nude photo shoots has been to signify that the celebrities would rather go nude than to get all dressed up in clothes that use animal products such as animal skin and fur.

PETA campaigns have been very touchingly and ethically done with different celebrities posing in clothes made of up vegetables to show their support for veganism or vegetarianism. Both male and female stars have asserted their unanimity to this cause. Also, celebrities who have been a part of this campaign have been from different fields and not just the show biz. Sports persons, musicians and socialites have been united in their mission to stop cruelty against animals. Some of the most famous celebrities to have posed nude for the campaign are listed below.

1. Eva Mendes
2. Khloe Kardashian
3. Christy Turlington
4. Roselyn Sanchez
5. Pamela Anderson
6. Amanda Beard
7. Amy Sedaris
8. Anna Nichole Smith
9. Karian Smirnoff
10. Holly Madison
11. Charlize Theron
12. Justin Beiber
13. Ellen DeGeneres
14. Bill Maher
15. Jamie Bamber
16. Steve-O
17. Elyssa Milano
18. Chloris Leachman

The list of celebrities who support the cause of PETA is very long. A solid voice against cruelty to animals can save them from being ruthlessly exploited for their hides and furs.

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