5 Celeb Diets to Follow This Season

5 Celeb Diets to Follow This Season

Looking good is an important part of their profession and celebrities make a living on their good looks. They try some of the best, weirdest and the most effective diets to keep them in shape and if you want to get into shape and stay in shape like most of them too, you need to follow some of the celebrity diets. You need to exercise caution however as you not to look similar to them and you need would also would not have the same kind of pressure and time constraints to shed off all those extra pounds. Try following some of the celebrity diets, but do so at your own pace so you stay healthy and comfortable with your body. Here are some celebrity diets to follow this season.

1. Jessica Simpson- Weight Watchers

This elder Simpson sibling gained a lot of weight during both her pregnancies, but after becoming a spokesperson for weight watchers, she lost a considerable amount of weight. Her weight loss after her second pregnancy has been considerable and faster and this is one diet we could follow. Also her weight loos has been pretty easy, that she does not look rail thin or emaciated. She looks as healthy as usual.

2. Kim Kardashian- Atkins diet

Another celebrity who was derided for her weight gain during her pregnancy but lost all those pounds and got her sexy figure back. Kim K swears by her Atkins diet and exercise and looking at her fabulous post baby body, this is one celebrity diet you should be following if you are planning to lose some serious weight and still look gorgeous and healthy.

3. Megan fox-Paleo diet

Megan fox swears by the paleo diet. There is nothing fancy about the paleo diet. You eat like a paleolithic man. There are no cereals, no processed foods, potatoes and no dairy products. You can eat meat though and long as it is not fried or overcooked. If this diet helped Megan fox get that smoking body, there is no reason as to why it should not help you get one too. Fox’s paleo diet should be a diet that’s worth checking out this season.

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