Can Depression Lead You To Obesity?

What comes first?

Well, I’d be wrong if I said that depression always leads to weight gain and makes you fatter. Sometimes it may be the other way round. You could be depressed because you are fat. Yeah, many women fall into depression because of weight control issues. It’s like asking the question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” No one knows.

Other Causes of Depression and of Weight Gain

Depression and anxiety can be caused by various factors. Failing relationships, problems in personal life, problems in college/school, problems at work – the reasons can be many. The reasons for getting fatter can be many too – change in metabolism, change in eating habits, lifestyle, hormonal changes, over-eating, etc. There are many causes for both depression and getting fatter.

Whether backed by scientists or not, getting fatter and depression have a strong emotional and psychological connection. Both can lead to one another. I think that the best way to deal with this connection is to stop the elements which are a result of either. It’s like stopping the habit of munching on anything that’s lying around, when you are depressed. But it is definitely easier said than done. I suggest if you or any of your girlfriends or sisters are suffering from depression, they must consult a medical professional right away.

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