4 Best Ways to Stay Away from STDs

4 Best Ways to Stay Away from STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs like herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia are dangerous and could lead to a lot of stress and suffering. It is therefore important to try and avoid STDs. This isn’t too tough if you are careful enough to try and take all the right precautions. Listed here are some of the best ways to stay away from STDs.

1. Have safe intercourse

There are innumerable ways to have safe, protected intercourse with your partner. All it takes is some awareness and the will to avoid being carried away by the spur of the moment. There are latex condoms and jelly-based lubricants which work well together, dental dams, plastic wraps, latex surgical gloves and vaginal barriers that have been designed for use by men and women. This will prevent infection from spreading from one partner to other, despite it being a vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. It is important to pick the right lubricant that doesn’t harm the condom. There are polyurethane condoms as well for those who are allergic to latex. It is also important to pick protective equipment with care. For example, discolored condoms from damaged packages should be avoided. Often, seeking pleasure is one of the reasons why some individuals avoid condoms and other forms of protection. However, there are dotted ones and other innovative materials used to counter that issue. Similarly, it is important to follow the precautions, like storing condoms in cooler, dryer places for them to be effective and trustworthy.

2. Avoid having sex with too many partners

If you are someone who has a lot of flings, try to keep the number of partners to as less as possible. Having an intercourse with too many partners makes you vulnerable to infection as it is quite possible that one of those partners has had unsafe sex with someone infected. Protection is all the more important in case of high risk relationships, where one or both of the partners have an extremely busy social life. In such scenarios, where one is likely to come across numerous temptations, it isn’t a bad idea to carry protection in the form of condoms, all the time in your kit.

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