5 Best Ways to Include Sequins in Your Attire

5 Best Ways to Include Sequins in Your Attire

Sequins add a lot of glamor and elegance to your outfits. Contrary to popular belief, one need not wear sequins only at a party or some other red carpet event. You can wear sequins in your daily clothing as well, as long as you know how to include it in your attire smartly, without going overboard with it. Listed here are some ways in which you can make sequins a part of your outfits easily.

1. In your accessories

If you have a casual day look ready with you, then you can add some glamor to it by just carrying a lightly sequined bag, or adding a scarf that has a little bit of sequins on it. This look can then be changed into an evening or night look too with a change of shoes, hairstyle and makeup.

2. On your clothes

If you are opting to wear sequins during the day, then look for toned-down versions of the same. Choose clothes that have patterns made out of sequins in darker colors, and pair them with neutral shades on other things as part of your attire. The bling element of a sequined skirt can be brought down by mixing with dull colored tops and shirts, while dresses can be toned down with the help of overcoats, waistcoats, blazers and jackets.

3. On your hair

Sequined hair accessories are quite popular. Opt for a sequined hair band to give a twist to your outfit, or opt for sequined scarfs that can be used to tie your hair into a ponytail. This is good for day looks, as well as night looks.

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