5 Best Places to Meet for a First Date

Best Places to Meet for a First Date

Choosing the perfect place for the first date is crucial. You don’t want to choose a place that’s too cheesy or one that gives out the wrong, “can’t wait to be out of here and in your bed” kind of idea. And of course you don’t want your first date to be an eaves dropping session with the place being so cramped up that your conversations literally get mingled with those sitting adjacent to you. Here are 5 best places to meet for a first date.

1. The cafe

When it comes to dating places, the cafe is the most favorite pick. A coffee shop is classy, nothing too fussy and with just the perfect ambiance to spend some quality time, getting acquainted with each other. Also, keeping it simple for the first date is a clever thing to do; it will save you from the embarrassment of your grand arrangements going horribly wrong and you’ll have nothing to regret about the extravagant preparations you had done if you develop an instant dislike for your date right from the first hello.

2. The gaming place

If you’re both young and don’t mind some fun activities even on your date, then a gaming place will be good for you. Bowling alleys, snooker, go-karting, paintball, there are more than enough options for you to break the ice. Also, it’s a good chance to see where both your fun quotient meters are at.

3. Amidst nature

Choose a nice, calm place to have a walk together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a park; parks are anything but quiet with children running about everywhere. It could be a relatively quiet and deserted lane. You may even take your dog along if required, that will give you something else to concentrate on if talks get a little awkward once in a while. Decide on a good time for your walk, preferably, the evening time – simply a magical time of the day when the sun sheds its golden light everywhere. Hopefully it will also weave its magic into your relationship.

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