9 Best Pets for Your Kids

Best Pets for Your Kids

Phew! Tired of scourging all your local pet stores for a suitable pet for your kid? Here is a compact list of the most appropriate animals for your tot. Every animal here has some special value to teach your child. So, choose the animal for its unique qualities and help your child grow into a beautiful, caring and responsible individual.

1. Dogs

A cute, cuddly puppy is the ideal pet for a child. Though they demand a lot of your time, effort and veterinary trips, dogs can instill in kids the virtue of receptivity. Dogs quickly understand when their owners are sad and lonely. Being in their company from an early age, children too can learn to be more sensitive towards others’ feelings. So, go ahead and get home this bundle of joy!

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2. Cats

Notorious, coy, elegant and proud, cats require less attention as compared to dogs. They set the example of ‘do it yourself’ very well. Bringing home a fluffy kitten might lead your kid to emulate its poise, self-dependence and harmless naughtiness.

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3. Fish

A fish symbolizes wisdom, good luck and grace. However, choosing the right kind of fish is very important. While a goldfish may be famed and cool to own, it has a very unpredictable lifespan. So, if your child’s sensitive, he may get really affected if his dear pet dies suddenly. Fishes teach children to shoulder responsibility as they require regular cleaning, feeding, aeration and nurturing. Try buying your kid the Siamese Fighting Fish which is more adapting and easy-to-maintain.

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4. Guinea pig

These average-sized creatures can be your kid’s best pal. They are sociable and gentle. Guinea pigs are patient, which can be a bonus for a child just starting out with pet care. Get these cuddly little animals for your tot and see how well he learns to be caring and compassionate.

5. Rabbit

Rabbits can be incredibly intelligent animals. They can be entertaining and smart. For starters, get smaller breeds for your kid. He’ll learn to handle them better. Once he knows the behavior of his rabbit, he’ll be in a more comfortable space to take care of it. But do make sure that you supervise all pet-kid interactions as rabbits can get aggressive if not handled properly.

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