9 Best Gift Ideas For Dating Couples

6. The Couple Calendar

An easy way of recreating love and magic every month of the coming year is to make a customized calendar, with the cover photo of every month being that of an activity or outing that you did that month in the previous year. For instance, for March 2015, you put a picture and a small note from the holiday you took together in March 2014. This way, you both can remember all that you did together in the previous year and cherish it. And of course, you can add the current year’s details on it too.

7. The Alphabet Flip-Book

Use each letter of the alphabet to create a flipbook page. Each letter can have a keyword next to it, something that you can extend to a one-liner and express your thoughts. For instance, A can be “Alfredos – the restaurant we ate together at. It was the best date of my life!”, while B could be “Batman – We both love this superhero!” and so on. You can add as many romantic details and memories in this flipbook as you want and make a completely personalized gift for your loved one.

8. A Customized List of Reasons For Loving Your Partner

Make a sweet handmade book for your loved one, with 101 reasons on why you love him. You can make this as personalized as you want with a lot of pictures and memorable notes in it. Add cute illustrations and other memorabilia or little decorative things to make it more interesting.

9. Make A Music Mix CD

Sometimes, when you are not so good with words, then songs help you to express your feelings for your lover. So make a music mix CD for your loved one with all the meaningful and beautiful songs that you’d like him to listen to. And you can add small voice notes in that mix before or after every song to make it more personalized.

So go ahead and get started on your romantic gift. Remember, all the best gifts in the world are not necessarily the ones that are the most lavish or expensive. Perfect and romantic gifts are those that bring a smile to your loved one’s face and make him feel special.

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