7 Best Diets to Lose Weight

6 Best Diets to Lose Weight

Women are forever going on diets and breaking them; in fact promising to go on a diet is the most popular New Year resolution in the world. Going on a diet is easy but maintaining it isn’t. No wonder then that even when there are so many wonderful diet plans in the world, very few people actually succeed after taking them up. If you are really determined to get fit, then you could start with any of these best diets listed here.

1. Atkins diet

You must be familiar with the name of this diet invented by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1972, because it’s one of the most popular and reliable diets out there. Not only does it help for short term weight loss, fitness experts have also recommended this diet for long term goals. It’s a seemingly lenient diet wherein there are no harsh restrictions of carbs as such; the only things that you can’t touch are breads and sweets.

2. South Beach diet

This diet consists of 3 phases and like most diets, it also makes fish, eggs, low-fat dairy, lean protein as found in chicken or turkey, whole grains, nuts and vegetables, a must. Users are required to eat 3 meals a day, 2 types of snacks and one dessert which is high in protein such as those involving eggs and dairy.

3. Dukan diet

Invented by French doctor, Pierre Dukan, there are four phases in this diet which makes people lose weight by recommending protein rich foods for consumption. Oat bran has to be eaten everyday without fail and people ought to go low on oils.

4. Vegan diet

PETA keeps urging people to go vegan and although the organization does so for the protection of animals, this diet will also protect you from many diseases and disorders. A vegan diet consists of organic fruits, pulses, grains and vegetables. One can neither consume birds, animals or insects nor things that are produced by them, such as honey, milk, eggs, etc. This diet is rich in fiber but one needs to checks with their doctor if they can do without meat and milk.

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