6 Benefits of Yoga

6 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga originated in ancient India and is deeply connected to a lot of religions. Swami Vivekananda was the first Hindu monk who brought Yoga to the West. It because famous as a physical system of health exercises across the Western part of the world in the 1980s. Yoga is considered a complementary intervention for medical conditions, such as cancer, heart conditions, schizophrenia and asthma. Here are some of the major benefits of Yoga that can make you healthier.

1. Yoga gives you strength

Some postures of Yoga such as the Ashtanga as well as the popular Power Yoga are more vigorous than others. They help improve muscle tone. Some less vigorous postures of Yoga including Hatha focus on less movement but more precise alignment in the poses. All these poses can provide you strength and endurance benefits. Many Yoga poses including the downward dog, upward dog and plank pose build the upper-body strength.

2. Yoga can help improve your posture, making you more flexible

Most standing and sitting poses of Yoga can develop core strength. They can make you more flexible. They also increase the body awareness. Your heightened awareness signals you immediately when you are slouching or slumping. Afterwards, you can adjust your posture.

3. Yoga improves the lung capacity

Yoga postures involve deep and mindful breathing. This improves your lung capacity. Yoga is perfect for sports persons because it can help them in their performance by increasing stamina. Yoga is not focused on aerobic fitness like running or cycling but intense power yoga surely makes you breathing hard. Yoga sessions conducted in heated rooms can provide you an aerobic benefit.

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