5 Benefits of Coconut Milk for Skin

Benefits of Coconut Milk for Skin

Coconut Milk is a popular ingredient in a lot of Southeast Asian dishes. Due to its rich, creamy texture, it is often used as part of desserts. In fact, it is also very rich in Calcium and Vitamins, and is considered to be a great substitute for those who are allergic to or don’t like animal milk.

Lately, it has been found out that Coconut Milk is quite advantageous for the skin too, especially when applied topically. Listed here are some of the benefits of Coconut Milk for skin.

1. It moisturizes the skin

Fresh Coconut Milk, when applied on the skin and left for about half an hour, has a great moisturizing effect. It leaves the skin smooth, soft and supple, and also combats dryness. You can mix it with your bathing water in equal proportions and enjoy a relaxing bath in a bathtub to get rid of skin dryness. Some people also add rose water or lavender oil for added effect.

2. It removes make up effectively

Stubborn make up around sensitive areas, such as eyeliners can be removed with the help of coconut milk. You can even mix coconut milk with coconut oil or baby oil in the ratio of 1:2 for better effect. This even helps to clean out the harsh chemicals from your pores and leaves your skin hydrated and nourished.

3. It treats sunburns

One of the safest home remedies for sunburns is to apply coconut milk on them. A thin layer of application on sunburns and rashes is not only soothing and calming, but it also reduces the redness and speeds up the healing process.

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