4 Benefits of an Open Marriage

Benefits of an Open Marriage

An open marriage is one in which the partners are not confined to monogamy and mutually agree to keep sexual options open and that extramarital sexual relationships are pre-approved without attracting any accusation of infidelity. While it is quite absurd an idea of marriage to some people, it is also highly convenient and more workable for some. But an open marriage always has complications – both emotionally as well as sexually. However, the benefits of open marriage cannot be overlooked. Listed below are the 4 benefits of open marriage.

1. Brings you closer to your husband

In a relationship, often you are not able to share everything your heart desires with your husband. It may so happen that your husband overlooks or takes for granted certain things and you have failed to explicitly explain some things to him. While this brings frustration into a relationship, an open marriage provides the avenues to go elsewhere and make it up with some guy other than your husband. Having an extramarital affair gives you the advantage to try out more things with other guys – things which you may not have tried with your husband. This eventually brings you closer to your husband because you now do not have frustrations or expectations from him as far as the relationship is concerned.

2. Enables better understanding of each other

An open marriage helps you understand each other better because now you do not have wants which are unsatisfied. When you are open to extramarital relationships without having to hide anything from each other, you can focus more on each others’ needs and this helps you understand each other better.

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