6 Bad Habits that can Ruin Your Marriage

6 Bad Habits that can Ruin Your Marriage

There are things that you do in your life that can ruin a marriage without you realizing it. It could be a small thing that you had always been doing and never changed. It could be something trivial as snoring, but it can also annoy your spouse to no end. There are so many things, big and small that can create havoc in a married life. When one of the partners is looking for a way out of the marriage, these bad habits can be cited as the main reason for them wanting to get out of the marriage. Here are a few bad habits you need to get rid of if you want a healthy married life.

1. Spending behind your husband’s back

You have a taste for designer clothes and shoes and your husband sees no reason to spend on them. So you go behind his bank and spend a lot of money on these things. This is a very bad habit, as this means you are being unfaithful to your husband at some level. There are also chances of you raking in a huge debt if you do not put a hold on your spending.

2. Not having sex because you don’t like it

Or because you are not in the mood. This is not a bad habit per se. But if you keep making it a habit to refuse him every time he makes advances then it can seriously damage your relationship. Even if sex is not everything in a relationship, it does play an important part in holding a marriage together.

3. Letting yourself go

Marriage, kids, work… there are so many things that keep you from taking care of yourself and your body. As a result, you become way too fat or become sloppy to look at. Even your work is half baked when you try to juggle too many things. This could also be a marriage breaker.

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