9 Awesome Ideas to Find Out If You are Ready to Marry

Awesome Ideas to Find Out If You are Ready to Marry

Every girl dreams of getting married. You might feel your Prince Charming has been waiting in the wing for a long time now. But listen up women! Before you take the plunge, please ask these questions to yourself. You’ll know then whether you are ready to get hitched or not. Listed here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if you are ready to marry.

1. Do you believe in the institution?

First thing you need to evaluate honestly is whether you truly believe that marriage is the ultimate destination for all committed couples. If you feel that you and your partner can be equally happy just living-in, don’t get into marriage. You’ll keep questioning yourself later as to why the hell did you get married in the first place!

2. Are you ready for the responsibility?

Marriage is a huge decision; an event that’ll change your life forever. Are you prepared to juggle responsibilities like looking after the house, cleaning, laundering, washing, cooking and thousands of big and small tasks. Also, there will be children in the future. Will you be able to take care of them then?

3. Are you ready to share your life?

Being a couple dating for years is not the same as being married. While you have your own world outside of your boyfriend, you won’t have the same when you are married. You have to share everything with your spouse. Right from the bathroom to families, information, thoughts and opinions. This alone will keep your marriage transparent and solid.

4. Are you prepared to compromise?

There will be many twists and turns along the road of married life. It depends on you how you maneuver them. Small adjustments to major compromises and a lot of sacrifices comes with the marriage package. If you are having second thoughts about these things, then please stay away from marriage.

5. Are you financially capable?

How are you planning to support your family after marriage? Will you be working or staying at home? How will you save up? Insurances, bank deposits, premiums and daily household expenses, all need to be thought about clearly before getting married.

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