7 Awesome Facts to Know about the Bachelor

Awesome Facts to Know About the Bachelor

‘The Bachelor’ is an American TV series which premiered in 2002 on the American television network ABC. It is a dating game show where an eligible bachelor is in search of his future wife, and there are about 25 to 30 interested women as contestants rooting to be his potential wife. ‘The Bachelor’ is a competition based elimination format show and after every round of one on one and group dating, one woman is eliminated, thereby reducing the number of prospective candidates one of whom would eventually become his partner. The show is hosted by Chris Harrison and is quite popular, currently running the 18th season. This show is veiled by several controversies and questions of authentication. Listed here are 7 awesome facts about this very popular TV show.

1. ‘The Bachelor’ is currently running its 18th season and the bachelor looking for a prospective wife is Juan Pablo Galavis. He is Latin American and is fluent in both languages, English and Spanish. He has a 4-year old daughter named Camilo with his ex-girlfriend.

2. The season 18 bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis is Catholic and is admittedly named after Pope Juan Paul II, the head of Catholic Church in 1981, when he was born. He loves songs by the famous band One Direction and is a die hard sports fanatic, himself being a former professional soccer player.

3. Every episode of ‘The Bachelor’ ends with the rose ceremony in which the bachelor presents each contestant who he wishes to stay in the show with a rose. The contestant to not receive a rose is eliminated. However, in the end if the bachelor wishes, he may not select anyone as his prospective wife and refuse all finalists.

4. The bachelor of season 17, Sean Lowe is the only contestant to have married the winner of the show in real life. Surprisingly, in season 13, the then bachelor married the runner up instead of the winner.

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