7 Awesome Facts About the Food Substitute Soylent

Awesome Facts About the Food Substitute Soylent

Soylent is a new invention that may very well replace food at least the normal food that we have grown and eaten all these years. It has the possibility to revolutionize the food industry. It still has not been unleashed into the market but the makers and other people believe that it can revolutionize the food industry. Before you go into the future effects of Soylent, here are a few facts that you must know about it.

1. It was developed not by a scientist or a foodie but by a software developer

The surprising and shocking thing about the meal replacement Soylent is that it was not developed by a foodie or a scientist but by a software developer from the Silicon Valley called Rhinehart. Apparently he was too busy with work to actually buy and cook stuff to eat. So he decided to work on something that can replace a traditional meal.

2. Soylent was developed using crowd funding and venture capital

Soylent was developed largely using funds raised through crowd funding and venture capital. The amazing thing about this is that it was not a few thousands of dollars but millions that was raised through this way to develop the product.

3. The inventor tested it on himself before letting the product out

Rhinehart tested the product on himself for a long time before he brought it out. Testing it on himself proved to be useful as subsisting on Soylent made him weak and gave him joint troubles. He constantly tweaked his product until Soylent alone was enough as a meal.

4. Soylent was named after a movie

The name and maybe the idea behind the product came from the 1973 sci-fi movie, Soylent Green. In the movie, people subsist on a food replacement that was made from human remains. Although Soylent does not even remotely contain anything as gross as that, the idea is that Soylent replaces the traditional meal.

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