Obesity related issues- how they hurt in long term

Are Obese People Really Happy?

Obesity is no joke. It is a serious issue which is responsible for millions of deaths, directly or indirectly, across the world. This is because it has a dreadful impact on the overall lifestyle of obese people. Read ahead to know more.

Loss of self esteem

Obese people often experience loss of self-esteem. This is because of their inability to live up to the current standards of fitness levels. To add to that, they become the butt of everyone’s jokes. It makes it hard for them to walk with their head held high. There is loss of confidence and self-respect, and this clearly shows in their body language.

Inability to indulge in activities

Obese people find it difficult to indulge in certain activities like swimming on the beach, surfing, easily changing clothes or wearing certain types of clothes. Obesity may cause them to be afraid to show off their body due to fear of embarrassment. Not too many clothing stores stack XXL sizes. This has a strong psychological impact on them and makes them too conscious of themselves. The inability to do things that other people love doing itself is a downer.

Difficulty in attracting the opposite sex

Attracting the opposite sex is difficult for obese people. They lose their beauty and attractiveness due to their plus size. For obese women, it is even more difficult to attract the attention of men. Obese women usually find it difficult to get a romantic partner due to exceptionally high standards of beauty and physical fitness that have been set by the media and the society. Obese women are always under the shadow of constant comparison with the skinny missies.

Media attack

Can you imagine an obese woman walking the ramp in her bare essentials? Can you imagine an obese woman posing for glamor magazines? Can you imagine a plus size woman photographed in a sexy black dress in those fashion magazines? Difficult to even think of, right? Well, that’s because you are conditioned in that manner by the media. The media keeps on criticizing and making fun of even slightly obese celebrities. Media’s constant invectives towards plus size women has a powerful emotional bearing on obese people. It’s outright harassment!

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