Are Hand Lifts the New Trend For a Would be Bride?

Are Hand Lifts the New Trend For a Would be Bride?

After a very romantic or a non-romantic proposal, the next obvious step is to scream with joy and announce your engagement to as many people as possible. It is not possible to tell everyone at the same time and this is when a photograph or a selfie comes handy. With the advent of camera phones and internet connections everywhere, you can send pictures almost immediately, but this also poses problems like showing off your veiny or cracked hands to everyone along with the ring. Your age reflects a lot more on your hands than it does on your face and by looking at your hands, one can more or less know how old you are. With a lot of women opting to get married later in life, age showing on their hands becomes a problem and this is where hand lifts come in. Hands lifts are fast becoming the new trend among brides-to-be and here are some facts about the procedure and the reasons why many women are opting for it.

1. What is a hand lift?

A hand lift is a cosmetic procedure to get youthful, plump looking hands to get that perfect picture after the engagement and also after the wedding. This procedure may include fillers or laser treatment and typically costs around $1200. Plastic surgeons claim that it takes off at least 10 years off your hands and that it is also a relatively simple procedure that takes less than half an hour.

2. Why do women go for it?

Ring selfie is all the rage now and what better platform to announce your engagement or your wedding news than the social media? When women show of their rings, they do not want other women to notice their wrinkles and also try and calculate their age. This is one reason why they get hand lifts. Apart from that, they want their hand and the photo to look good. The pictures will be around for a long time, even after the engagement or the wedding breaks, so it makes sense for the women to get a hand lift.

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