Apple iPad 2 Vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

Apple iPad 2 Vs. Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has hit the techie market few days back and it seems, it’s all set to give Apple’s iPad2 a tough fight. But can Kindle Fire actually compete against Apple’s giant, iPad 2? Let’s find out by taking a look at this comparison.

1. Apps

While iPad 2 offers over 100,000 apps from the Apple store, Fire is supported by the Amazon Android market that offers less than 1/10th the number of apps, Apple offers.

2. Content

For those who are in love with e-books, Kindle Fire is the winner. But, the only issue that they will face is Fire’s exclusive compatibility only with Wi-Fi zones. As opposed to that, iPad 2 comes with a 3G connection. That means, users can browse through the Web and download content no matter where they are.

3. Features

When it comes to features, the Amazon Kindle Fire lags behind. It is Apple’s iPad 2 which steals the show. While the iPad 2 boasts a 9.7-inch screen, the Fire has a 7-inch screen. But, there’s a point to be made. Because its screen is a mere 7 inch in size, Fire requires only one hand of yours for operation. That means, users can multi task even while using Fire. Another disappointment, Fire doesn’t possess a camera which you’d otherwise find in the iPad 2. With such a huge screen and so many features, iPad 2 is almost two times heavier than the Kindle Fire.

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