All You Wanted To Know About Lip Stain And Its Process

All You Wanted To Know About Lip Stain And Its Process

‘What is lip stain’ is one question asked by many women these days. Lip stain is basically like a lipstick, the only difference being that it lasts longer. You may think of it as a lip color but it is not exactly that. It is like any normal stain on your clothes and therefore difficult to make it come off normally. Hence, you get beautiful, colored lips without having to touch up every now and then. Here is how you stain your lips. Follow the steps mentioned below and get yourself a perfect lip stain!

1. Use a lip liner before you stain your lips. This will give you precision and make your lips look crisp.

2. For fuller lips, do not use a liner. Get rid of the liner if you want a more natural and luscious look.

3. Apply the stain in a unidirectional manner. Lip stain dries very quickly and if you apply haphazardly, it may smudge.

4. Be careful with the staining. Make sure that the stain is applied within your lip area. It will be difficult to remove if it gets out.

5. Wear your lip stain on the upper lip first.

6. Brush your lip stain from the center of your lips towards the corners.

7. Use a gel to get the pouty look. If you want wholesome lips with your lip stain, make sure you use a bit of gloss after applying the same.

8. For the matte effect look, keep out the gloss.

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