All You Wanted To Know About iPhone 4S

All You Wanted To Know About IPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is regarded as the most amazing iPhone ever with the most advanced features and technicalities. The iPhone 4S boasts all the latest features. It runs on Apple’s iOS operating system and is particularly marketed for video calling (FaceTime, as called by Apple). The 140 gram gadget has a capacitive touch-screen and 512MB RAM. The 8 MP camera, with built-in LED flash, gives high quality detailed photos.

1. Power efficient chip

The Dual Core A5 chip in the mobile makes it the most powerful iPhone ever. The two cores in the processor deliver up to two times more power and sometimes seven times faster graphics. Moreover, the A5 chip is perfectly power efficient, and this is the reason behind the long battery life of the iPhone 4S.

2. Highest resolution display

The Retina Display screen is the highest resolution phone screen ever. The pixel density of 326 pixels per inch into the 3.5 inch screen makes everything smoothly visible and clearly identifiable on the phone’s screen. It is all because of the IPS technology i.e. in plane switching. It lets you view at a wider angle than the LCDs. In addition to all this, the glass of the screen is made from the same material which is used in helicopters and high-speed trains, which makes it more scratch proof and water resistant.

3. Call flexibility

There are numerous other facilities that the iPhone 4S provides. Just tapping on the screen can make a call on the phone. Switching between the calls can also be done easily, and call merges can be done with up to 5 callers. With a microphone that is on its top edge, the iPhone 4S suppresses the unwanted background noise.

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