All You Wanted to Know About Emotional Quotient

All You Wanted to Know About Emotional Quotient

Emotional Quotient

Many of you might have heard the term ’emotional quotient’ and might have realized that it must be closely related to ‘intelligence quotient’. Here, we explain to you in detail about emotional quotient.

What is Emotional Quotient?

A person is not only judged by his IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but also by EQ(Emotional Quotient). While IQ is about a person’s intelligence, presence of mind and his/her intellectual abilities, EQ is all about emotions.

A person must understand his/her own emotions, to begin with. He/she must also be able to emotionally connect with other human beings. Understanding others’ needs and problems and being able to understand their emotions is also taken into consideration when talking about the emotional quotient of a person.

Why is EQ important?

A human being is most importantly a social animal and so he/she is expected to converse and relate with other human beings in the most conducive way. A person must also understand the emotions and feelings of other human beings since it is what helps in forming relationships – be it professional or personal. A person needs to first understand his/her own emotions, feelings, goals and beliefs in order for him/her to understand the same things about the others.

Possessing good EQ enables a person to socialize easily. A person with good EQ can make friends and win the confidence of people he/she moves around with. Also, when a person has good EQ, he/she is confident and knows how to carryout himself/herself in public places. This considerably helps them in coming across as a good and affable person.

How does EQ help a person?

A leading therapist affirms that a person with good EQ does not succumb to peer pressure or suffer from pessimism. She says, “People with good EQ can handle their emotions in a very mature manner and can easily take control of situations that demand their emotional attachments.”

People will come to advice only to people who can handle their own emotions and emotions and feelings of others as well. People with a good EQ are usually motivated and possess the ability to motivate others. They create a positive and friendly environment, be it at home or at workplace.

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