12 Air Element Personality Traits

12 Air Element Personality Traits

As we all know there are four elements in nature – namely earth, air, fire and water. Each of these elements is associated with three zodiac signs. Thus, everyone is born under one of the elements. The three zodiac signs that fall under the air element are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. While Libra is cardinal, Aquarius is fixed and Gemini is mutable. But what are people under the air element like? Let’s take a look at some air element personality traits.

1. People born under air element are dynamic by nature. They can charm every person they meet in life. Like air, they can be tranquil at times and fierce at times.

2. Air element people are hyperactive depending on certain situations. They are not good at taking decisions. As air is flexible, the thoughts of those born under this element are also the same.

3. They are really good at communicating. They make excellent journalists and motivators in life.

4. As air surrounds us, yet we cannot hold it. It goes for the people born under this element. They love everyone, but they are not attached to them. They are never too emotional with things or situations.

5. They see every situation in a positive light.

6. Air element people are instinctual in their approach. They seek every situation in an analytical way.

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