Adventure Activities That Shoot The Adrenaline Up!

Being adventurous is a trait of the brave. Not everyone is able to actually gather themselves to perform adventurous activities. Adventures add to the fun and excitement in life. They make life more interesting than even a movie. A number of unusual adventurous activities that you would love to try are suggested below. Have a look.

1. Zorbing


Photo Courtesy: MasterMan

Zorbing is an activity of rolling downhill while inside a large bubble like ball made of plastic. However often zorbing is also conducted on a level ground. This gives more control to the person riding it. There are two types of orbs for zorbing. One type is harnessed orbs and the other is non-harnessed orbs. The harnessed orbs can at the most carry about one or two riders. However the non-harnessed ones can carry up to three riders. It is a great recreational and adventurous activity to indulge in.

2. Bodysurfing


Photo Courtesy: SNOTY PIMPIN

Bodysurfing is similar to surfing, but it involves riding on the waves without any board. Surfers make use of swim fins to make it easier for them. Sounds difficult right? It is however not so difficult as it seems. If you love the ocean waters and are a complete water-baby, you will surely love this sport.

3. Rappelling


Photo Courtesy: Jack Fiallos

Rappelling, also known as abseiling, refers to the controlled descending from a sharp cliff with the help of a thick rope. They make use of a special type of static rope that makes it easier to climb. Rappellers also wear gloves in order to prevent cuts caused due to the rope. Try it out and you will surely enjoy it. However, this can be an extreme sport, so make sure that you take precautions like wearing helmets and rappelling with expert rappellers.

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