9 Ways to Get a Shy Guy to Ask You Out

9 Ways to Get a Shy Guy to Ask You Out

Well a shy guy may not always be the life of every party or a crowd-puller, but he usually makes for an excellent partner. Here are a few ways to make a shy guy ask you out.

1. Talk to him

If he is an introvert, it would not help the case if you behave the same way. Take initiative and strike up a conversation. Do not discuss controversial issues, instead stick to open-minded and lighthearted conversations.

2. Take help from social networking sites

Befriend him on some social networking site. He may not feel comfortable having a face-to-face talk with you initially, so the virtual world can play a great role in getting to know each other.

3. Avoid the crowd

Once he becomes comfortable with talking to you in the real world, avoid approaching him when he is in a group. Likewise, make sure you do not go and talk to him when you are surrounded by your girlfriends. He will feel more comfortable interacting with you without getting judged by others.

4. Compliment him

A genuine and heart-felt compliment can go a long way. Shy or not, every guy likes to be appreciated.

5. Ask him to help you with something

This will help to give his ego a boost and will give you a chance to have some quality time together.

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