9 Ways to Deal With an Introvert Man

Ways to Deal With an Introvert Man

He won’t indulge in small talk, he will answer in monosyllables, neither will he rant and rave about the dinner he just had at a plush restaurant. If these traits are what describe this man, then yes, you are dealing with an introvert here. In the world of party goers, pub hoppers and smooth talkers, these delicate creatures seem to be tad different. They just don’t seem to be buying the buzz the world has to offer and have a quiet space of their own. This can leave you a little stumped and fumbling for ideas on how to get through the quiet and self assured armor that he seems to wear. Here are a few ways to get to know an introvert and deal with him:

1. Be patient

Don’t mistake introverts as shy people. They do not have social anxiety, instead they find socializing taxing. An introvert man is at ease on his own– in his own skin. He is also very cautious with his words. Be patient with him and let him have his own space.

2. Give him the space he requires

Although an introvert man does not feel the need to be in the spotlight, he often enjoys larger-than-life persona in his career. His focus and one sightedness often give him an extra edge over the others. Do not expect him to come out of his comfort zone and expect him to do things he isn’t comfortable doing.

3. Understand and adapt to his nature

Do not try to change an introvert man. Instead try to have an introspective conversation with him. Drop a few octaves and talk to them in a calm unhurried manner.

4. Have a one-to-one conversation

Do not indulge in conversations with an introvert man in large groups. Instead aspire to have a one-on-one dialogue with him. Introvert men prefer a cup of joe with a close friend rather than raucous party full of strangers.

5. Incorporate few traits of his to get along

You can learn a lot of things from introvert men. They asses all the risks before taking any decision, they are better listeners and they can focus on a given task for a longer period of time.

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