9 Top Celebrity Mishaps on the Ramp

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Fashion is a serious business. Behind all the glamor, fame and money, there is immense amount of hard work and strenuous work pressure that all models and industry professionals have to bear. It comes as a part and parcel of this profession. While walking down the ramp with loads of cameramen clicking your shots, it is extremely important to be looking your best. However, mistakes and mishaps can ruin the best, and can sometimes cost you a lot.

It is very essential for a model to balance well on the ramp, even when she is wearing high heels! But sometimes, irrespective of how much you have practiced, mishaps on the ramp are not in the hands of the models. One can face terrible accidents on the ramp, ranging from tripping and falling to wardrobe malfunction. But only a supermodel can handle such a situation calmly and complete the confident walk with a smile on her face. Talking about such supermodels, here are some famous mishaps that have occurred on the ramp.

1. Abbey Lee

It was September 2008 when Rodarte had seen the worst imaginable mishap during one of the shows. Australian supermodel Abbey Lee fell downright on the runaway, due to the extremely high heels in which she couldn’t walk properly.

2. Karlie Kloss

In the same Rodarte show, another mishap took place. This time it was Karlie Kloss’ long train of her gown, which made the situation at the ramp pretty uncomfortable for all the models.

3. Jessica Stam

In the spring show of Chloe in 2006, Canadian model Jessica Stam stumbled upon the chunky heels that she was wearing. It looked extremely painful when she fell, but it was her professionalism that led her to complete the whole walk and return gracefully.

4. Models of the Prada Show

The Prada show in the summer of 2009 needs a special mention here. The mishaps happened due to the Prada shoes used there, as little black knitted sockettes were attached inside the shoes that made the models slide while they were walking on the ramp. Some of them managed to tiptoe the whole show, while some tripped badly and fell more than once.

5. Karen Elson

Here again, the main villains were the insane heels that the models had to wear. Karen Elson was the victim of extremely crazy high heels that made her trip during her routine catwalk at the Zac Posen in 2009. Even though it was very difficult to walk through the runway, she managed to do it somehow with her infectious charm and smile.

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