9 Tips to Decorate a Studio Apartment

9 Tips to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are preferred by many today owing to huge real estate prices and shrinking sizes of homes. Most designers find it tough to deal with limited spaces but with some thought, you can determine tips to decorate a studio apartment with ease. Read through the list below to gather an idea of how to go about doing it.

1. Organize or visually demarcate every corner or area in your studio apartment for distinctive purposes. For e.g. earmark living, dining and kitchen spaces and then buy furniture and accessories suitable for those individual spaces.

2. Since there are no walls to demarcate spaces, you can either use dividers made of wood or better still, thin frosted glass to distinguish areas. Wall colors and floor accessories like rugs can also help to create a differentiating effect.

3. If there are only or two windows for source of light and air, do not block them out. The apartment will end up looking cluttered and the only source of ventilation will also be cut off. It is best not to accessorize your window or use sheer fabric if you want to add something to it.

4. Choose only light shades as wall colors for your studio apartment. Dark wall colors will invariably make the apartment look smaller than it really is. Whites, creams, yellows, grays or light blues work well with small spaces.

5. Make wise purchasing decision. However alluring an object or furniture is, purchase it only when there is an inevitable need for it. Else stick to the essentials and discard what is not. A studio apartment is not a place where clutter can reside.

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