9 Tips to Deal With An Arrogant Roomie

Tips to Deal With An Arrogant Roomie

Sometimes a person does not have a choice, but has to stay with someone whom he/she dislikes. This often happens while living with a roommate. If the roommate is arrogant and annoying, then the situation gets more difficult. Listed below are some tips to deal with an arrogant roomie, read on.

1. Give a ‘yes’ treatment

An arrogant roomie normally likes to hear all the praise. Start giving him/her a special ‘yes’ treatment. A simple ‘yes’ would really make a difference. Agree to everything that the roomie has to say, but not at the cost of your self-respect.

2. Talk politely

Talk to the roomie in a polite way. Do this twice or thrice, and the fourth time he/she would be cordial. Talking politely creates a huge difference in the attitude of the opposite party.

3. Simply confront

Simply confront the roomie to make him/her realize the mistake. Tell the roommate, that it is not good to live under one roof with arrogance. Rather, he/she should help in the household tasks and chores.

4. Disapprove the demands

If the roomie wants everything his/her way, then simply disapprove the demand. Tell him/her to behave in a right manner, because the apartment is shared.

5. Impose rules

The best idea to deal with an arrogant roommate is to impose rules. Distribute the time of doing household chores and display a rule chart. The roommate has to do things according to the chart. This will help to maintain peace in the house.

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