9 Tips to be a Good Party Host

Tips to be a Good Party Host

Hosting a party means taking care of the minutest of elements, from napkins to glasses, furniture to food and drinks. If you are not too well versed with party etiquettes or you want to skill up to be a good party host, follow these tips.

1. Send out invitations and follow ups in time

Whether you are having a casual get together or a formal party, invitations are crucial. Send out invitations at least a week or two in advance, depending on how many guests are not local. After the invitations are sent, collect RSVPs. Also try to push in a reminder to all your guests via phone, urging them to make it to your party.

2. Set the theme and decor for the party

You will need to decide what type of party you are planning to host. If your guest list comprises of friends, you could have a casual wine and cheese party or a potluck. If your guests are colleagues, you could have a formal sit down dinner and if most of your guests have kids, you could have a children’s theme for your party. The point is to decide what ambiance, decor and theme you will have for your party according to your guest list. Inappropriate choices can leave your guests in an awkward position.

3. Know the food and drink preferences of your guests

You may not need to know every single culinary preference of your guests, but you do need to have a vague idea. Know if your guests are vegetarians, hardcore meat eaters, vegan or lactose intolerant. Know whether your guests would prefer cold drinks, mocktails or cocktails. You could save yourself of heavy embarrassment by serving up a platter to guests who can’t eat it.

4. Be cheerful and make conversation with all your guests

One of the most important traits of a good party host is the ability to make guests comfortable and make the evening lively. As a host, the onus of initiating conversation completely lies on you. Crack a few jokes, serve everyone drinks and create a cheery atmosphere that can make your guests feel at home. You cannot let mood swings take over or get upset by a remark that one of your guests may have made.

5. Cook what you cook best

You may feel like being adventurous in the kitchen to please your guests but that is a risk which may not be worth taking, especially when you are the host. Stick to the dishes you make best so that there is no room for error or mishaps.

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