9 Things to Remember Before Going for a Pool Party

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Summer has hit most countries by now and this means that the pool party invitations are not far away. MTV made us realize back in the 90s just how much fun pool parties could be – after all, there aren’t many things better than lounging around with friends in a pool under the warm sun with a nice drink in hand. You however, need to take some precautionary measures before heading out for some water based fun.

1. Suntan lotion

To avoid getting a tan and getting affected by harmful ultraviolet rays, carry a suntan cream or lotion and apply it everywhere on your body thoroughly. On the other hand, if you are looking to get tanned, then carry a regular skin moisturizer because a tan on dry skin will make your skin weathered and leathery.

2. Waxed skin

Most women have smooth skin on their arms at most times but a pool party needs more exposure than that. Make sure you wax your legs fully and if you plan to sport a bikini or a one piece swimsuit, then you should wax your bikini line as well.

3. A change of inners

Many a time people get a change of clothes but forget to carry a change of innerwear. Pack in a clean and dry panties and bra set for changing after the party.

4. Hair dryer

Roaming around in wet, damp hair will make you susceptible to infections and you can catch a cold. Instead of asking around for a hair dryer why not be self sufficient and pack in one of your own?

5. No hairstyling required!

This is actually a given but many girls get so carried away by the thought of a party that they forget that there is a ‘pool’ attached to it. You are going to a pool party so don’t bother styling your hair for the pictures. At the most, keep it in a simple bun or a ponytail. Go out there, have fun and style your hair after drying it.

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