9 Steps to Make The First Move to Ask a Guy Out

9 Steps to Make The First Move to Ask a Guy Out

You don’t always have to wait for the guy to ask you out; you can make the first move as well. Have a look at things you can do to successfully ask the guy out.

1. Be confident

Ladies, remember, men find it rather refreshing to be asked out by women. Don’t feel like you are doing something that is against the social order. Be confident and let that confidence bring the best out in you.

2. Buy him a drink

If you buy him a drink he is bound to respond and make the next move. By buying him a drink you are just giving him an excuse to say thank you. The ball is in his court now.

3. Do what he enjoys doing

Don’t think like a woman, think like a man. Take him out on a date he will enjoy. Try and understand where his interests lie and do just that.

4. Ask him to join you and your friends

If you are a little shy on going on a one-to-one date, invite him to come out with you and your mates. But remember his eyes have to stay focused on you – don’t take anyone who you think might steal your thunder.

5. Don’t be fake

Don’t try to be someone you are not. In situations like these, if you are not being genuine it will show and might put off the guy. The idea is to be confident with your own self, and let that confidence show.

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