9 Signs You are Growing Old

9 Signs You are Growing Old

Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re getting old. There might be no external signs, only changes in your outlook. Here are 9 signs that you’re getting old.

1. You are disturbed by loud noises

If kids and teenagers knock on your door suddenly or play the stereo on a loud volume, you get irritated and distracted. Every little noise feels like excessive noise to you. You might even call the cops to complain against the silly “young” people.

2. You like to sit during parties and munch appetizers rather than dancing

You don’t like parties too much anymore. You drag yourself to them but prefer munching on appetizers than dancing. You even make fun of people dancing weirdly.

3. Old people feel comfortable sharing sex jokes in front of you

You are considered as old and wise in your friend circle. Even your relatives think that you are mature enough to share jokes and pass sexual innuendos on people of your age. Once they start feeling comfortable, you feel older.

4. Your friends are either getting married or divorced

Your friends are not in the relationship phase any more. They are not hooking up, breaking up or experimenting in their relationships. In fact most of your friends are either divorced or married, and that too with children.

5. You cannot sleep on the coach anymore

You cannot just fall asleep on the couch now. If you do, you wake up with a back ache. Your side drawer mainly has sprays and ointments to heal muscle and back ache because you tend to have pain very often.

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