9 Signs You are Burning Out

9 Signs You are Burning Out

Burnouts occur when you are mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and are often related to stress. They can have a really bad effect on your personal and professional life leaving you devoid of energy. Here is a list of signs to help you learn if you are burning out.

1. Negative emotions

It is normal for a person to have some negative feelings in life. However, if you feel emotions like frustration and cynicism troubling you for a long duration, then it is an indication of a burnout. You may start having a dystopian view of the future and nothing would seem to matter. A feeling of disillusionment is also a sign of burnout. If deep pessimism seems to set in, then you need to think long and hard about the job that you are doing.

2. Exhaustion

If you feel consistently exhausted and are tired all the time, then it is a clear sign that you are burning out. Be it mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion, it is not something that should be taken lightly. Eventually, you will start feeling completely spent with no energy left to work.

3. Lack of motivation

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to drag yourself to work every day? If yes, then it is a sign that you are burning out. With time, you will stop feeling passionate about anything that happens around you and will lose the inner drive to go to work.

4. Cognitive problems

Being constantly stressed and having extreme negative emotions is bound to take its toll on your mental health. It may eventually begin to hinder your concentration. If you are constantly focused on your negative feelings, then you will soon start having a number of cognitive problems. You will develop a “fight or flight” tunnel vision which comes with chronic stress and it will interfere with your ability to take decisions or solve problems. It might even affect your memory negatively.

5. Problems in relations at home and at work

When you are burning out you either become very short-tempered and start having arguments with people, or you become very withdrawn. Either ways, it is bound to create interpersonal problems. You will not feel like you have enough energy to deal with people.

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