9 Signs You are a Socially Responsible Person

9 Signs You are a Socially Responsible Person

Being socially responsible could be a natural thing for some people and for some it could be a process or an action that comes after sustained trying. Being socially responsible is being accountable to yourself first, and then caring about how you and your life impacts others locally and on a global level. Being socially responsible does not imply being responsible towards humans alone; it matters how you are towards animals and to the environment as a whole. The truth is that your behavior and use of the immediate environment around you affects not only you, but a whole lot of things that is dependent on the environment. Here are a few signs that tell you that you are being socially responsible.

1. You pick up after people

There is a righteous anger in you when you see people litter in public places. You pick up after them and in some instances also tell them not to litter and advise them on the consequences of littering. It could also happen that you do not get angry but simply go about cleaning up after people and do not think too much about it.

2. You are the first to donate to charity

Be it your local charity or a charity that helps poor kids and people abroad, you are the first to volunteer your services or donate freely. You also spread the word about the charity and actively involve yourself in the work.

3. You volunteer in senior homes

You spend a few hours every day or every week volunteering at the assisted care center or senior homes. It could involve doing chores for the center or just spending time with the people there, reading papers for them or just listening to their stories.

4. You buy products that are locally made

Even if it is expensive, you make it a point to buy locally made products. You do this in a bid to protect the local industries from making a loss or disappearing altogether.

5. You boycott products that use child labor

Labels don’t matter to you when you realize that the company uses child labor to manufacture its products in another country. It irks you to know that the working conditions are pitiable for the people who make your shoes are clothes.

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