9 Signs of Depression in Women

9 Signs of Depression in Women

Women are more emotional than men are. They face lots of stress related to work and relationships. Women have to balance their life and due to this, they suffer from depression. Every woman must be aware of signs of depression to prevent the problem. Read on to know more.

1. Sleep disorders

This sign is prevalent in most women. Due to depression, women cannot sleep properly. Either they sleep too much or they cannot sleep at all. This affects their mental well-being. This increases their frustration level as well.

2. Feeling of tiredness

Most women feel tired and weak on suffering from depression. This can be associated to stress. There is a feeling of helplessness in women. They do not feel like doing anything. They feel dizziness and lethargic the whole day.

3. Blaming

Women tend to blame themselves for everything, when they suffer from depression. They get helpless regarding the situation. There is guilt in everything they do. This also leads to suicidal thoughts.

4. Feeling sad and anxious

Women who suffer from depression tend to feel sad all the time. They take all the things in a negative way. They get restless and anxious on every situation. They also hide their feelings and cry in vain.

5. Problem in making decisions

Women face issues related to this. They have a problem in making small decisions. They find it difficult to concentrate on small matters. They do not have a firm mind. The best way to prevent this problem is to relax the mind.

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