9 Signs It’s Time to Move on From a Relationship

9 Signs It's Time to Move on From a Relationship

In a relationship, whenever a feeling of doubt creeps in, when you know deep in your heart, that something is wrong, when your intuition goes into overdrive, it is obvious that the signs are there, that this relationship is in trouble. This might lead to a burying your head in the sand syndrome, wherein you pretend that everything is fine and you are just imagining things, but we need to recognize the fact that sometimes things are just not meant to be. Sometimes relationships that make you feel under-valued and unappreciated are really not good for your self-esteem. One way of checking whether your relationship is worth keeping, or even if it is worth cultivating are if you take a step back and take a long look through clear eyes at the whole connection. Some things to watch out for can be:-

1. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness

If you always feel on edge, anxious that you do not make a fool of yourself, nervous whether you’re dressed properly, analyzing everything you say before saying it, ask yourself if this is because your partner is putting you down in company or criticizing you, all the time? Is he trying to show you your negative traits to the extent that you are losing your confidence? Take a hard look at his behavior in public/private with you.

2. You give in every time

Do you find yourself bending over and saying yes to everything in the hopes of maintaining peace? When you start losing your identity to keep your partner happy, this is a serious sign that you should back away now.

3. You do all the work

If you have to do all the running, and you are the one who is always calling up to set a date to meet, to talk to each other, to wish each other on special occasions, you must ask yourself if this is what you want, and if every time he hurts you by forgetting to call, you should understand that maybe the relationship has run its course.

4. It’s all about him

Laughing together, talking about your fears and expectations, planning a future together. This is what you look for in a relationship. If the sole topic of conversation seems to deal with only your partner’s dreams, goals, desires etc., while you are just a mute listener, you must ask yourself if this relationship can continue.

5. Change of feelings for each other

If you find after a period of time that the attraction you felt for each other is fading and that you no longer look forward impatiently to meet him then this is a red flag. If you don’t feel excited when you meet him then this is a clear indication that the love is fading away. In such a case, you will feel compelled instead of excited meeting him. All these signs indicate that your relationship has run its course.

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