9 Romantic Ideas For Your Husband

Romantic Ideas For Your Husband

Love constantly needs reminders. You may now be his legally wedded wife, but in the absence of romance even the strongest of relationships can lose their spark. Here are some romantic activities that you can do for your husband to bring the spark in your married life.

1. Prepare a personalized video

Today with technology reaching its acme of advancement, you can do many things that were not possible some years back. Prepare a personalized video for your husband containing videos or photographs of the two of you. You can also use old pictures to bring back the beautiful old memories. Team it up with a nice romantic song playing in the background.

2. Bake him his favorite chocolate chip cookies

As it is rightly said, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Surprise him by baking his favorite chocolate chip cookies. He will appreciate the trouble you put in for him.

3. Say it with flowers

Surprise him with a bunch of flowers at work, by showing up during his lunch break. It will be a real stress buster for him to see your pretty face, amidst of a hard day at work. It will indeed be a pleasant surprise.

4. Plan another honeymoon

Make it a surprise. Make arrangements for the travel and the stay all by yourself. Make sure you also speak to his boss about an off for a few days. Take him to a place he always wanted to go to. It will enhance the romance in your married life.

5. Organize a treasure hunt in your house

This can be a very romantic and pleasant surprise. Arrange a treasure hunt in your home, using pieces of paper with clues written on them placed at various places. Finally, leading him to you. You can surprise him by wearing his favorite lingerie. Rejuvenate the romance back into your lives. It will show him that even after so many years, you still try to make things special for him.

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